3 februari 2017: promotie Nienke Alberts

Op vrijdag 3 februari 2017 om 13.00 uur zal Nienke Alberts haar proefschrift getiteld: “HPV in minority populations: epidemiology and vaccination acceptability” verdedigen in de Oude Lutherse kerk, Singel 411, Amsterdam.
Promotor is prof. M. Prins (GGD Amsterdam/AMC), en co-promotores zijn dr. M.F. schim van der Loeff (GGD Amsterdam/AMC) en dr. T. Paulussen (TNO, Leiden)

Synopsis: This dissertation describes the epidemiology of human papillomavirus (HPV) and the social-psychological aspects of HPV vaccination acceptability in two different minority populations. Both populations are at higher risk of developing HPV induced disease (notably cervical, penile, anal, and head and neck cancer): (1) people with a non-Dutch ethnic background, and (2) men who have sex with men. This dissertation provides insights into why these groups may be at higher risk to develop HPV induced diseases. The uptake of HPV vaccination in the Netherlands has been dramatically low – especially among girls with a non-Dutch ethnic background. Research presented here provides cues to explaining why these groups show lower uptakes. As men can also benefit from HPV vaccination, the HPV vaccination acceptability of men visiting the STI clinic in Amsterdam was explored, demonstrating that they would be an excellent target group for free HPV vaccination.