* Proefschriften

Proefschriften 2016
Epidemiology and diagnosis of acute hepatitis C virus infection van Joost Vanhommerig
From insight into STI testing strategies to sexual risk dynamics in MSM van Titia Heijman

Proefschriften 2015
The epidemiology of human papillomavirus in HIV-negative and HIV-infected men who have sex with men van Sofie Mooij

Proefschriften 2014
International epidemiological studies on HIV, HCV and STI van Jannie van der Helm
Interventions for STI control: vaccination and testing van Rianne Vriend
Heterogeneity in risk-behaviour matters; Modelling the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C Virus among injecting drug users van Anneke de Vos
Traveling hosts and pathogens; epidemiology of travel-related infections van Sanne Belderok

Proefschriften 2013
Health promotion for a multiethnic population – the case of weight-gain prevention among a multiethnic population of mothers living in Amsterdam South-East van Marieke Hartman
Screening for hepatitis C virus infection of individuals at risk hidden among the general population van Freke Zuure
Hepatitis C virus infection: Spread and impact in the Netherlands van Anouk Urbanus
Surveillance studies on infectious diseases: evidence for action van Gini van Rijckevorsel
Epidemiology of STIs in heterosexuals and MSM van Marlies Heiligenberg

Proefschriften 2011
Infectious souvenirs: the toll of travel? van Gijs Baaten
Ethnic differences and similarities in care for anxiety and depression in the Netherlands van Thijs Fassaert